One Week until I leave for Wine and Dine

Published October 30, 2014 by shanisko

I am so ready for some Laughin’ Place time.    Granted, I still need to sew our skirts because I’ve been focusing on getting Halloween costumes completed.  Today, I start working on them and hope they turn out.  I’m still a novice sewer.

I’m ready to meet my #Run3rd and #trd friends from Facebook and do some serious nomming at the after party.

I’m ready, bring it on.

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Never Give Up, Never Give In

Published October 21, 2014 by shanisko

Yesterday, around 11:00 I checked my email.  And sure enough, the rejection letter from CHG was there.  I was devastated.  I cried while my little one ate her lunch.


Rabbit was extremely disappointed in my lack of focus, for a brief moment.



I applied for two more jobs, Advisor positions, at Weber State.  I will find a good job again, if it takes everything out of me.  We need to bring in more income.  We are doing “ok” but I don’t want to have to keep dipping a little into savings every month for groceries and gas.  (Prices have gone up significantly in the last year.)

So, in the immortal words of Doctor Who:


I will punch unemployment in the face.

Just because I’m almost a Doctor doesn’t mean I’m not a hard worker, in fact it means the opposite.  It means I work exceptionally hard and can be exceptionally focused on projects.  I have to be able to plan my time well, do things that are difficult and move forward.  People just need to give me the chance.

Also, because I’m not giving up, please help support my Go Goofy campaign by donating to Catch a Lift Fund at or participating in Run for Our Heroes.

Things I learned on my Longest Run…to date.

Published October 20, 2014 by shanisko

1.  Honey Stinger Waffles are WAY better than GUs.  Way better.  At least for me.

2.  8 month old springer spaniel mixes don’t get tired after running the first 9 miles with you.

3.  7 laps around the park is boring.

4.  Texting a running friend when you want to quit is a good thing.

5.  Doing 14.5 miles hurts, but not as much as running 10 miles downhill.

6.  Once I stop running intervals and start walking (for more than 30 seconds) it’s really hard to start running intervals again.

7.  People don’t follow leash laws.

8.  Horses and cows like 8 month old springer spaniel puppies. (weird).

9.  While most vehicle drivers are polite and will get over a bit so they don’t hit you there are still a few that just suck and won’t even slow down.

10.  I still have a long way to go to get ready for Goofy.

How can you help me Go Goofy?  By making a donation to Catch a Lift Fund via this link or by participating in Run for Our Heroes, a virtual run with a medal based on Captain America’s shield.


What did you learn on your longest run to date?

Ready to work again…

Published October 16, 2014 by shanisko

Yesterday I interviewed with CHG Healthcare Services.  I want that job.  It is a place where I feel like I could feel at home and move up.  The environment seems welcoming and supportive.

The interviewer asked me why I didn’t go back to Weber and I told her I had applied for some jobs but on returning home I realized that I don’t think I want to return to Weber.  I was hurt by what happened with my dissertation leave.  Yes, I waited to tell my boss what was going on but I was blasting it all over social media and I could not make any solid plans until IRB was approved.  I was hurt.  Which is why I have not been actively applying to Weber State jobs.  I’m ready to move forward.

I need to find a place where I can go the distance and I think CHG might be that place.


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